Wellness Exams

Our cat wellness exams touch the hearts of pet owners and feline companions, demonstrating our constant commitment to fostering the lovely bond you two enjoy.

Unveiling Unmatched Care for Your Feline Companion at Parkview Cat Clinic

We at Parkview Cat Clinic in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, are aware of the close relationship you share with your feline companion. Cats are much more than just pets; they are cherished members of our families that bring us joy, solace, and countless happy memories. We understand how important it is to strengthen this link by providing sensitive care and unmatched cat wellness exams. Our comprehensive treatment, which considers every area of your cat’s health and pleasure, sets our cat wellness exams apart from typical exams. We take every precaution to ensure their welfare, even down to the tips of their twitching tails and delicate whiskers.

A cat lying on a blue towel with a person in the background
We provide the following wellness exams at our clinic:

Annual Exams - including any
vaccines that may be due

Senior Annual Exams (over 10 years old) -
including blood pressure check
and vaccines that may be due

Benefits for Your Beloved Cat:

Creating a Bold Life:

Think of your cat leaping with renewed vigor, their eyes sparkling. A life full of energy and playfulness is precisely what our cat wellness exams set the way for. We enable your animal companion to have a full and happy life by spotting early indications of potential health problems.

Full-spectrum preventive care

The secret to long-lasting well-being is prevention. We carefully assess your cat’s general health as part of our cat wellness exams. We protect your cat from illnesses and prolong their life with routine checkups, vaccinations, and individualized wellness programs.

Exams Free of Stress and Fear:

We recognize that cats (and their owners) occasionally experience anxiety while going to the veterinarian. For this reason, our clinic uses fear-free techniques to create a calm setting where your cat will feel secure and at home and lab work to ensure everything is as good inside as outside. Our skilled vets use gentle handling methods to ensure your cat has a stress-free experience and emerges purring happily.

Guiding dietary and lifestyle decisions:

Cats benefit from a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, much like humans do. Our cat wellness exams provide advice on diet and exercise, assisting you in making decisions that improve the general health of your cat. We’re here to make sure your cat stays healthy because a happy cat is a healthy cat.

Routine Vaccines at Parkview Cat Clinic

At Parkview Cat Clinic in Inver Grove Heights, MN, we prioritize your cat’s health through personalized routine vaccines. Our knowledgeable veterinarians ensure your feline companion is shielded from potential diseases, extending their years of joy. With tailored vaccine plans, we’re your dedicated partner in preserving your cat’s well-being and contributing to a healthier feline community. Choose our clinic for unwavering care and a thriving, vibrant life for your cherished companion.

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Parasite Prevention at Parkview Cat Clinic

At Parkview Cat Clinic in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, we put your cat’s health and comfort first by taking prompt measures to avoid intestinal parasites. Our individualized method makes sure that your feline friend doesn’t have to deal with parasites like fleas, ticks, heartworms, or intestinal worms. To protect your cat from pain and other health problems, we have created a parasite prevention program specifically suited to their needs. Imagine how much more enjoyable life would be for your beloved cat if there were no internal discomforts or constant scratching. Our proactive efforts ensure continuous vitality, satisfaction, and playfulness, demonstrating our dedication to your cat’s overall health.

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Veterinary Services

Below are all of the veterinary services we offer at Parkview Cat Clinic. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.