Welcome to
Parkview Cat Clinic

Dedicated to providing your feline friends with the best possible veterinary care.

New Clients Welcome!

Welcome to
Parkview Cat Clinic

Dedicated to providing your feline friends with the best possible veterinary care.

Proudly Welcoming New Clients

Complete Veterinary Care in Inver Grove Heights, MN

At Parkview Cat Clinic, we provide compassionate care where your cat’s health and happiness come first.


Keep your cat healthy
with annual exams.

Senior Cat Care/Management

Senior cats require special attention to ensure their well-being.


Our surgeons perform cat surgeries
with precision and care.

About Parkview Cat Clinic

Parkview Cat Clinic is a specialized veterinary facility dedicated exclusively to feline healthcare. With a passion for feline medicine and a team of experienced veterinarians and staff, we offer comprehensive and compassionate services tailored to meet the unique needs of our beloved feline friends. From routine check-ups to advanced medical treatments, our state-of-the-art clinic provides a stress-free and cat-friendly environment, ensuring our feline patients’ utmost comfort and well-being. At Parkview Cat Clinic, we promote a cat-friendly atmosphere and deliver top-notch care to keep cats purring with happiness and health.

A cat in a grassy area
Black and white cat walking

Meet Our Veterinarians

At Parkview Cat Clinic, our dedicated veterinary team is passionate about providing exceptional care for your feline companions. With years of experience and a deep love for cats, our skilled veterinarians and compassionate staff are committed to promoting the health and well-being of your furry friends. Trust in our expertise as we work together to ensure your cat’s happiness and longevity. Your cat’s health is our top priority at Parkview Cat Clinic.

Thank You For Your Kind Words

We value your confidence in our veterinary staff to provide for your cat’s medical needs.

Easy vet to talk to. All the staff are helpful and kind. Even with social distancing my initial appointment was simple. Signs give clear instructions and it felt very safe. The cat issue was explained thoroughly and medication was reasonably priced.

Cary S.

Everyone was wonderful, listen to me and explained what they felt we should do. It was Bella’s first visit with them, she gets very stressed going anywhere but they were so amazing with her. Thank you Parkview Cat Clinic!

Cathy D.

Nicest vet I’ve ever been to! Our cat loved it there (relative to other outside-of-the-house adventures). The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable, and the bill for a checkup and a couple tests was very reasonable.

Preston D.