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We are slowly getting back to normal! We are now able to do elective procedures, annual exam and vaccines. We are all back to work!   We are scheduling in 2 week increments in the event the state makes changes again.  At this time we continue to provide curbside services for the safety of staff and clients. Please be patient with the phones, we only have 3 lines and with the phones in use during appointments you may not get through to us right away.   We are in the office M-TH 8am - 6pm, Friday 8am- 530pm and closed Saturday and Sunday.


Doctor Visits

If you have traveled by air or cruise in the past 14 days or if anyone in the house is ill, please let us know. We will ask you to find someone else to bring your cat Parkview Cat Clinic. We need a healthy staff in order to remain open to care for your cats.

 Your cat MUST be in a carrier. We will not enter your vehicle to collect your pet that is not contained. If you do not have a carrier, we do have some here that you can borrow while you're here for your appointment. It is getting cold, please cover your carrier with a towel or blanket.

    1. When you arrive at Parkview, please call the clinic to let us know you are here for your appointment. Please keep your pet with you until instructed.
    2. Our Techs will call you to get a history on your pet.
    3. We will then ask you to place your carrier on the stand we have by the door and return to your car. A technician will escort your cat into the clinic and you may return to your car.
    4. A doctor will examine your cat and make a plan.
    5. A doctor will call you to discuss a plan, treatments, diagnostics and explain the next steps.
    6. Once your pet is ready to go, we will call you for payment. We will take credit cards over the phone.
    7. We will then return your cat to the carrier stand outside the clinic for you to pick up.

Medication and food

  If there are multiple cars in the parking lot you may have a bit of a wait while we are helping others.  If you call and we don't answer the phone right away, give us a few minutes before calling back, we may be treating a patient.

Animal Emergency Referral Center

The St Paul location is open again!  If you need emergency care please call the Oakdale Location at 651-501-3766 or St Paul at 651-293-1800.

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