Cat's First Visit to Clinic

Parkview Cat Clinic is always happy to welcome new kitties. New kittens, adult cats, and geriatric felines needing special care are always fun to meet. Upon scheduling an exam, we may recommend a few things for your first visit.

  • Please bring with or fax your cat’s previous records to the clinic. Our fax number is 651-552-8564.
  • Please arrive about 15 minutes early for your appointment. We will have you fill out a “New Client” information sheet so we can start a record for your cat(s) at the clinic.
  • If your cat is coming in for an exam, please provide a fresh stool sample no older than 24 hours from the appointment. If it is collected the night before you can store it in your refrigerator.

Upon checking you into the clinic, we will get the appointment started.

  • A technician will accompany you and your cat into an exam room where they will get a basic history and check your cat’s weight. They may ask about your cat’s diet, activity, litter box habits, and any other concerns.
  • The cat’s weight will be taken at this time. A blood pressure may be taken at this time. We routinely screen cat’s over 10 years of age for high blood pressure. Hypertension (high blood pressure) can be associated with many disease processes. We do not always see symptoms of high blood pressure until a severe event occurs such as rentinal detachments.
  • The technician will then relay this information to the doctor.
  • The veterinarian will then come into the exam room and examine your cat. They will then recommend any therapy or diagnostics at this time.
  • Once the examination is complete, you will be taken back to the lobby to check out and a staff member may discuss any directions for medications or home care with you at this time.

If any questions or concerns arise prior to or after your appointment with us, please feel free to call and talk with a staff member. Our phone number is 651-552-0848.

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